Hollywood Desperado: Manager/Producer

Hollywood Desperado: chronicles a street-smart fearless kid from the barrio of East Los Angeles, with a talent for doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Jaime Monroy made a name for himself back in the mid-70’s into the 2000’s during his career as a stand-up comedian, he becomes an unlikely olympic prospect, teen-idol who can’t sing, screen prints million-dollar paintings on t-shirts and becomes the patented inventor…of a necklace!

He becomes partners with the two most famous Hollywood managers, his mentors, Starmaker Jay Bernstein and Idolmaker Robert P. Marcucci, who are impressed by their young protégé. He only represents established celebrities and the next generation of Hollywood stars. He becomes an innovative Hollywood manager/producer and develops the single camera technique with his “Swing Pilot” concept at Paramount Studios, showcasing multiple pilots within one. Then Jaime launches an online network that features people in the enterainment industry who want to showcase their talent or tell their own story, from around the world on http://www.hollywooddesperadotv.com/

Known as the "Hollywood Desperado" from the documentary/film profiling his life and career, Jaime Monroy has broken down the negative Latino stereotypes and lives an inspirational story that all Americans can relate to. Making all audiences laugh and Latinos proud. Like a jet soaring through the sky and stopping only to refuel, Jaime Monroy’s rebellious never-give-up story inducts him into Hollywood royalty defining him as one-of-a-kind. His original, passionate, innovative and tell-it-like-it-is style keeps this persevering underdog on target to get the job done and succeed.

“To succeed in life, you may have to change roads, but not the destination.”
Jaime Monroy

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