Hollywood Desperado: Talk Show Host

The film Hollywood Desperado: chronicles a street-smart fearless kid from the barrio of East Los Angeles, with a talent for doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Jaime Monroy made a name for himself back in the mid-70’s into the 2000’s during his career as a stand-up comedian, he becomes an unlikely olympic prospect, teen-idol who can’t sing, screen prints million-dollar paintings on t-shirts and becomes the patented inventor…of a necklace!
Ready or not America! Latino comedian Jaime Monroy hopes to get a thumbs up and a timeslot on your regular late night talk show or primetime schedule. Jaime is one of the most engaging personalities on the talk-show circuit. His quick wit, sense of humor and warmth blend nicely with his ability to make guests feel comfortable and open to talk and say things they otherwise wouldn’t reveal.
“Spice Up Your Late Night” with Jaime Monroy!

Monroy is no stranger to the talk-show format. Early in his career he worked on such shows as “The Merv Griffin Show”, “The Dinah Shore Show”, “The Mike Douglas Show”, “Toni Tennille Show”, “The John Davidson Show” and king of late night, Johnny Carson! Jaime has also worked on “Arsenio Hall Show”, “Jenny Jones Show”, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, “The Late Show” with David Letterman and “Leeza”.

Become a Hollywood Desperado!

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