Hollywood Desperado: Latin Prince of Comedy

Hollywood Desperado: chronicles a street-smart fearless kid from the barrio of East Los Angeles, with a talent for doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Jaime Monroy made a name for himself back in the mid-70’s into the 2000’s during his career as a stand-up comedian, he becomes an unlikely olympic prospect, teen-idol who can’t sing, screen prints million-dollar paintings on t-shirts and becomes the patented inventor…of a necklace!

Latino comedian Jaime Monroy is considered a pioneer among Mexican comedians, alongside Paul Rodriguez and George Lopez.
Monroy (born Alejandro X. Delgado) started his stand-up comedy career in 1978, shortly after the first successful Latino stand-up comedian, Puerto-Rican Freddie Prinze.

In Latino comedian Jaime Monroy, who is described as one of the most successful cross-over latino comedians, working nightclubs, television shows and opening acts for celebrities, rock bands of the 80's and 90's , including the biggest pop star in the world, Michael Jackson!

Comedian Jaime Monroy is acknowledged as the most successful mainstream latino comedian, delivering huge laughs that connects with all American audiences. “I never considered myself a Latino Comedian. I am a comedian who is Latino,” says Jaime Monroy. “I hoped my performances IMPROVED Latinos image and broke down stereotypes using my comedy that appeals to ALL audiences while maintainng my latin style!”

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