Hollywood Desperado: The Warm-up Kid

Hollywood Desperado: chronicles a street-smart fearless kid from the barrio of East Los Angeles, with a talent for doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Jaime Monroy made a name for himself back in the mid-70’s into the 2000’s during his career as a stand-up comedian, he becomes an unlikely olympic prospect, teen-idol who can’t sing, screen prints million-dollar paintings on t-shirts and becomes the patented inventor…of a necklace!

Upon turning 18, Jaime shifts full speed back into showbusiness, He hits the Sunset Strip and every open-mike night he could drive to. Then, Jaime gets his first big break on a television show called “Solid Gold”, and becomes the YOUNGEST WARM UP COMEDIAN IN TELEVISION HISTORY! which has him working with the biggest stars of the 80’s like Billy Idol, Madonna, Rick Springfield, the Go-Go’s, and then the call came to open for the biggest pop star in the world, Michael Jackson!

Become a Hollywood Desperado!

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