Hollywood Desperado: Million Dollar Marketing Man

Hollywood Desperado: chronicles a street-smart fearless kid from the barrio of East Los Angeles, with a talent for doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Jaime Monroy made a name for himself back in the mid-70’s into the 2000’s during his career as a stand-up comedian, he becomes an unlikely olympic prospect, teen-idol who can’t sing, screen prints million-dollar paintings on t-shirts and becomes the patented inventor…of a necklace!

A year-long Hollywood Strike sets in. Struggling to pay the bills and on the brink of filing bankruptcy, Jaime uses his last $88.00, a little “spit shine” and a lot of showmanship to screen print million dollar Picasso paintings on the front of t-shirts out of his garage and becomes a MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING MAN. “Picasso Sportswear” T-shirts become his canvas and masterpiece artwork crowning him the “T-shirt king of the art world”.

Become a Hollywood Desperado!

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